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theres a small scope of time when someone is considered to be in their prime, at least from a traditional point of view. i don't believe in that. so many people see something on the outside and believe it but don't really know. at what point are you past your prime, what are the variables for that? everyone has something in the way. everyone probably looks at this a little differently anyways

i've never known why people are in such a hurry or maybe i'm just slow but there is nothing glamourous about the grind itself. it makes you lose track of everything outside of your life in its present state. i've fell victim so many times to this and maybe it's cause i have mental issues. opened up the conversation with a few close friends about what it could be and i'll make a post on that later too. seems like everyone i know and surround myself these days have similar tendencies so it doesn't feel totally isolating

i'm going to use this as a personal, somewhat organized recollection of photos and videos - trying to make some time to slap things up onto to look back on and to share with anyone who reads this. no hard rules on its style and really on things i enjoy. its sorta old school but i dont like the format of social outlets and how you have to cater what you make towards it - i could get into so much detail about this but i like the idea of no restrictions and having a place to put all my mixed media creations in all its glory and its shame. could end up some what schizo and all over the place but i need a place to just put things to keep me satisfied

this is my first post here and it'll probably work itself in a timeline that'll be all over the place since i have some things from the past i also want to make posts about. for now this is a start

fun little export I went off into while working on some social assets for Aklasan Records

presser :)

currently listening to tube alloys and their album magnetic point on repeat

mixed by good old friend colin knight

~~their home page photo is still one i took from ages ago (maybe 2016?) just from our usual hang out and thought it looked nice so snapped away - so many great memories and music videos shot in there throughout its evolution. i might make a post about this place some time too

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